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“As I dive deep into my inner self I touch the well-spring of my eternal consciousness, pure and beautiful, peaceful and ever-loving. Then a joy bubbles up from my soul, lighting the inner smile onto my face, radiant and sparkling. This radiates into my very DNA, bringing it into its own highest qualities into fruition instantaneously. Then space and time cease to exist. I Am transported into a Higher Dimension of Love and Light. ”

- Veena Minocha


Veena Minocha has been a Lawyer and a Banker since she graduated from the Law College Chandigarh. In 1988 her Epiphanic Moments changed her life forever, She decided to follow her inner calling, leading her to a path of teaching Meditation, Spiritual Healing Modalities, Free Flow Living and receiving the spiritual gifts of the enormous shift in consciousness taking place on the planet. Eager students flocked to her classes. The Divine Plan for her life revealed itself very clearly, she was on the path to Ascension in the Light, taking as many beings on this Earth as were destined to go with her!


Every human being incarnated on this Earth is a product of his or her Karmic Creation. Bound by the ineffable Laws of Karma, we come in with our contracts with our families, our peers, our societal contacts, and our careers. And all those, which are our major milestones of life, right till the time we die, are marked out for us. It is unto us to handle the challenges of life in the best way we can, so as to glean the wisdom from them, and emerge stronger. Every challenge is presented to us in such a way, that when we have to successfully overcome it, we are able to relish the gift that came hidden within, in the form of spiritual power gained.


SoulConnect aims to empower minds to connect
with their true essence, a connection that exists,
but is not experienced in day-to-day life.


To explore these new tools of living, so as to live our lives
in the way of an Empowered New Age Human.


• Tarot reading session
on 21st November.

• Relive a magical life through loving relationships
on 19th September.

• Relive a magical abundant, joyful life workshop
on 21st July.

• SoulConnect takes pride in announcing its first workshop on 21st May at Birla Vidya Niketan School.

Team at SoulConnect would be conducting periodical workshops for all age groups and individuals. Monthly calendar would be notified at beginning of the Month.
Note: Personalized and Private counseling sessions can also be arranged with Mrs. Veena Minocha.
(For further details: connect@soulconnect.life)